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15 Jan 2008 My pledge and introduction

Aloha everyone!  My name is Westy and I’m 31 years old.  I am married to a wonderful man and we have 4 children together.  Life can be very hectic trying to juggle work and home life, but I think that I do the best that I can as a “minivan mom”.   I am joining Project Wonder Woman because I would like to spend 2008 focusing on and accomplishing goals that will help make me a better woman, wife and mother.

My superhero is:

I chose Dragonfly because she embodies traits that I will be focusing on this year.  Her powers are: an idealized body (health and nutrition), superstrength (I’ll interpret this as strength in character) and the ability to move things with her mind (I’ll interpret this as education and expanding knowledge).

My 12 badges for this challenge are:

1.  Exercise your options

2. Eat it

3.  Care for your health

4.  Quit it

5.  Find your money

6.  Grow your money

7.  Give your money away

8.  Organize it

9.  Give a little bit

10.  Get well read

11.  Take a really good picture

12.  Go back to school

I purposely wrote the list up the way that I did because a lot of the badges that I hope to attain coincide with one another.  My personal and financial health require the most focus which is why I am planning on completing those badges first. 

I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this project (Mahalo Maggie for putting this together) and am looking forward to sharing in this journey with all of you!

aloha- westy

03 Jan 2008 January Badge-o-Rama Plans
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I’m starting on three badges this month, though all of them will extend beyond 31 days. I figured that I should start up the extended duration badges now to make sure I had plenty of time to complete them before December 31.  🙂

1) Breaking Bad Habits (Failure to be Punctual)

Duration: 12 months (one habit per month to kick or to develop)

Current Status:
– # of Days Without Running Late = 1/31
– Still running behind due to food prep time in the mornings and late wake ups.

To Do:
– Set up my meals in Tupperware tonight before going to bed, boil up a big batch of eggs for breakfasts, and be in bed by 11 pm with a snoozer of a book tonight in order to improve my chances of being on time for everything tomorrow.
– Measure out and pack more oatmeal and raisin packets
– Establish 6:00 AM wakeup and have workouts completed by 8:00 AM daily.

2) Personal Style/Sewing

Duration: 3 months

Current Status:
– Finally finished red and black knit Issey Miyake dress (V2556)
– 1 project cut out, 3 projects started but not complete

To Do:
– Need to make a list of the events I am likely to attend and the things I do in everyday life to determine what wardrobe deficiencies I have
– Draw up with a wardrobe plan with notes, fabric swatches, and pattern sketches
– Cull the ill-fitting, unflattering, outmoded, and generally horrifying pieces from my closet and decide if I will donate, trade, or refashion them
– Sew the first two items on my list: a refashioned A-line knit skirt made from a “Chinese Peaches” Threadless t-shirt and a cute sun dress made from another Threadless tee (”Happy Harvest“), some brown paisley fabric, and a bit of orange broadcloth

3) Fitness

Duration: 12 weeks (Turbulence Training challenge) + 4 weeks (Swim lessons)

Current Status:
– Just doing a food and exercise maintenance/ramp up week this week before starting TT 12-week contest on Monday, January 7.

To Do:
– I skimmed through the requirements for each of the badges I have picked out from the You Can Do It book last night and have decided to modify the Fitness requirements a bit since I am already doing everything required to earn the badge according to the book. I am changing MY fitness badge requirements to the following:

(1) Complete a 12-Week TT Transformation contest entry with photos, workout logs, and stats posted at the site.
(2) Take swim lessons from my husband, Mr. Former Swim Team Captain and Swim Coach, 3 times per week for the entire month of July

– Take measurements and photos on Sunday for the TT contest
– Clean out and repack gym bag
– Review workout schedule and exercises

02 Jan 2008 I don’t know if I’ll reach 12, but I’ll try!
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Hello everyone.  I’m Susan, also 32 years old, living with my husband and my dog, Roxy, in Venice, CA. I’ve been through what feels like 200 different career ideas and meltdowns in my life, and have been working hard (at least in my head) on finding my true passion.  I’ve been an Internet surfer, an elementary school teacher, a preschool sub, a book reviewer, a proofreader and a professional slacker/student. I’ve studied novel writing, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, and have my MA in Psychology, yet I’m stuck at an ad agency correcting other people’s work. I’ve even taken self-help classes in finding my true calling. I’m hoping that by completing as many of these badges as I can, I’ll find my true passion, finally!  Or that some impartial other can see which badge I appear most excited about!   

My chosen heroine is Dr. Jean Grey from X-Men, because of her extremely powerful mind and her ability to rise from the dead (my deaths being my many little career failures).


 My 12 badges:

1. Travel Writing Class: offers online courses. I want to sign up for the next one I can. Or if theirs is not doable, find another class.

2. Business Plan: Develop a feasible business plan for myself, outside of a corporation. This could be  working as a freelancer through various companies, or starting my own company.

3.  Pursue Personal Training:  I’ve always been very interested in diet & exercise, and as a runner, would love to share that interest with others. I think with the right clients, I could have a little motivational/self-help kind of group.

4. Travel:  Okay, this one’s a no-brainer. I’m already going on a cruise in Feb-March, but want to get out and see some National Parks with my husband this year (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Bryce)

5. Yoga: Like Maggie…. I used to do yoga a lot, and now am lucky to do it two times a year. I know I need it in, especially living in LA, which is waaay  too fast-paced for me.

6. Book: I wrote a novel at the end of 2005. I pretty much scrambled to finish it, just to have a completed project. I want to at least pick it up again, see if it’s salvageable, and if not, start a new one. 

7. Ice Skating: I used to ice skate as a kid. I was REALLY into it and dreamed of being an Olympic skater. I want to at least get out to a rink again and explore this some more.

8. Bad Habits: I consume far too many calories from beer & wine. I want to cut down on alcohol in general. (hard when you have moderately alcoholic Irish genes and your husband is an enabler) 

9. Sewing: Maggie got me a sewing book for my wedding. I need to open it, and read it, and attempt a pattern.

10. Singing: This badge isn’t clear to me yet, but I’d like to take a few lessons.

11.  Dream Journal: This is an ongoing project. I used to get up and write down all of my dreams, and found it very useful for creative pursuits and getting in touch with my more introspective self. I’d like to start doing this again as often as I can.

12. Cooking: I have loads of cookbooks I never use. I tend to cycle through the same six dishes every week. I’d like to try a new dish, ideally weekly, but bimonthly would be okay, too! 

02 Jan 2008 Intro and Pledge
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Howdy! I am Maggie, a 32-year-old (soon to be 33) video game developer living in the Orlando, FL area with my husband and two striped boy cats. My hobbies include singing (karaoke!), fitness, cooking, apparel and costume sewing, blogging, web programming and design, reading, learning new skills, personal finance, and drawing. I have a lot of interests, but I’ve noticed over the last few years of Being a Responsible Grown Up that I rarely take the time to engage in any of my hobbies anymore. If I do find some spare time to start some projects, a lot of them never get finished because I don’t have a plan or reason to complete them.

That’s why I am participating in Project Wonder Woman this year.

My superheroine nickname will be Tigerlily, based on a character from David Mack’s excellent Kabuki comic book series. Tigerlily is a secret government operative trained in martial arts/sword whose cover identity is that of a comic book artist. I like that she can kick ass AND draw.

My current working list of proposed badges is as follows:

  1. Breaking Bad Habits
  2. : This one will be a year-long undertaking. I want to get rid of 6 bad habits and develop 6 good ones by the end of 2008. I will tackle one item per month, starting with Punctuality (I am ALWAYS 30 minutes late to EVERYTHING!) in January.

  3. Organizing
  4. : There are so many things in my house that need organizing that this one should keep me quite busy for a full month.

  5. Healthcare
  6. : I’ve been meaning to choose a good primary care physician who can run the full battery of health tests on me and perform a full physical for a while now, but keep putting it off. It’s time to learn where I stand health-wise now that I don’t get regular check-ups from a military doctor.

  7. Fitness (Swimming and 12-Week Turbulence Training Challenge)
  8. : Yes, I know I already know how to exercise and stuff, but I will be rolling my 12-week Turbulence Training transformation challenge and my goal of improving my swimming skills through regular lessons into this one for 2008.

  9. Personal Style/Sewing
  10. : This one combines a skill I already possess but haven’t been applying very much (sewing) with an area in which I have been sadly lagging (personal style) since I started to work in the very casual dress code environment of video game development. I looked in my closet for clothes to take up to Philly for the eHarmony shoot December 16-17 and realized that I had almost nothing but jeans, funny t-shirts, and workout clothes in my wardrobe. It’s time to put my sewing machine to work and my stunted sense of style back into active duty.

  11. Budgeting
  12. : I already budget to some degree using Microsoft Money, but I’ll be tightening it up even more as Chris and I focus on completing a Total Money Makeover a la Dave Ramsey in 2008.

  13. Yoga
  14. : Yeah…you know how I always harp on being really unbendy and needing to do more yoga? Well, I still am unbendy and still need to commit to a regular flexibility program. I’m making this a badge-earning opportunity since I am horrible at integrating yoga into my fitness routine when there is no obvious reward or punishment involved.

  15. Car Care
  16. : I’ve always known in the back of my mind that familiarity with the basics of auto maintenance was important, but fear of grease and laziness have prevented me from actually learning much about the machine that carries me 30 miles each way from home to work and back each day.

  17. Gardening
  18. : 2007 was the year of the neglected yard and veggie patch. 2008 will be the year of flourishing flowers, stunning shrubbery, and eye-popping edibles! This activity will be ongoing.

  19. Decorating
  20. : Chris and I haven’t really gotten around to decorating our house since we moved in…two years ago. It’s probably time. I don’t think we are going anywhere for a while.

  21. Painting
  22. : I have kept my oil and acrylic painting supplies from my one college painting class around all these years for no reason. Ditto for the copy of Painter 8 software that I bought around the same time and never bothered to learn how to use. My bare walls need art. I will endeavor to create some for them.

  23. Draft a Business Plan
  24. : A gal can’t stay in video games forever. I am going to learn how to draft a business plan for future reference.