11 Feb 2008 Personal Style/Sewing Badge Report
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I am still working on my Personal Style/Sewing badge this month, and now I have the exact project I would like to complete in order to earn it.

I have already done a preliminary closet purge, but I will do another this week. In the meanwhile, I have entered the Pattern Review 2008 Wardrobe contest (Feb. 1 – April 30, 2008) which requires each contestant to sew a coordinating wardrobe of 10 pieces, including:

  • 1 accessory
  • 1 jacket OR dress
  • 4 tops
  • 4 bottoms

I am doing 11 pieces because I want to make a jacket AND a dress as well as the other compulsory items. I am also limiting myself to the raw materials I already have on hand: fabrics, notions, patterns, old t-shirts and other clothes that would otherwise be donated or tossed. I plan to spend $0 additional dollars on this project.

I dug through my fabric and pattern stash on Saturday to see if I could come up with enough somewhat coordinating colors to make 10 pieces, and discovered that there was enough black, white, and plum/burgundy between my three fabric sources (unsewn, new fabric stash, box of unflattering guy-cut t-shirts from 5k races and college, and tired clothes from my closet) to build myself a pretty cute, matching wardrobe.

Here is the storyboard I made for the project (Click for full-size view):

2008 Plum Crazy Wardrobe Plan


  • Storyboard: completed
  • Items Cut: 3/11 (S7013, NL6160, and NL 6375)
  • Items Sewn: 0/11

And as for other sewing projects, I will be finishing 3 dresses this week, including the aborted Badgley Mischka white fishtail gown, a Butterick party dress suitable for one of the many wedding receptions I will be attending this year, and a fun, quirky sundress made from remnants and a Threadless t-shirt called “Happy Harvest.”

I’m back in the groove of sewing, so my only obstacles will be time and the “helpful” antics of my two unpaid assistants.

Slinky and Neville help out

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