03 Jan 2009 January Mini-Goals
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Here is my January project list. I will cross items out as I complete them. I also need to crack open my YCDI book and come up with some realistic badge assignments for each month so I don’t fall behind or overload myself. I’m vowing that this year, “life” will not get in my way in terms of the things I want to learn and do for ME. Today I am tackling two organization items at the same time: removing my old stuff from my parents’  house AND listening to The NOW Habit on my mp3 player at the same time. I should also be able to get in a workout, go grocery shopping for healthy foods, and knock out a baseline budget today. Wish me luck!

  • Garden: Tear out the dead plants from my garden and cut down the invasive “dwarf” banana tree. Direct sow some cold weather veggie seeds and start some spring seedlings indoors.
  • Exercise/Nutrition: Complete all of my planned workouts and follow my meal plan. Swap out one meat-based protein portion per day with a vegetarian, egg, or seafood option.
  • Craft: Make my items for the Discworld Swap at Craftster–I’ll probably crochet some Discworld characters and sew some kind of bag…not sure what else. Make a “Spockboy” Sackboy doll for my co-worker.
  • Writing: Write five blog posts a week. Post at least four times a week at the two fitness forums where I am an administrator or moderator.
  • Money: Create a new budget for 2009 using the free PearBudget spreadsheet. Update W-4 withholding for me and my husband after plugging in our numbers in the IRS withholding calculator. File our taxes!
  • Organization: Cut down on extraneous online community involvement until I have a better grip on my real life work, hobby, education, and social commitments. Clear out and donate/toss my old stuff from my parents’ house. Listen to and apply the principles in the NOW Habit audiobook on how to beat procrastination. 🙂
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