About Project Wonder Woman (Read first!)

Project Wonder Woman is an online “troop” of women who have decided to enrich their lives and maximize their potential by earning virtual “merit badges” for completing one activity per month from Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas’s book, You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls.

Badges can be earned in over 60 different activities ranging from surfing and fitness to budgeting and wine-tasting. These are the skills and pursuits we’ve always meant to learn or take up, but which we, as grown up women with grown up responsibilities, never have time to do. Well, we finally realized that there would never be a perfect time for most things in life, so we might as well get started NOW!

Each Project Wonder Woman contributor will choose a different activity from the book each month and complete the requirements needed to earn a merit badge by the end of the month unless the activity is declared as “ongoing.” Documentation in the form of blog post updates for each step, photos, and other supporting material must be provided in order to earn the badge for the activity.

The goal of Project Wonder Woman is to inspire members to try new things, learn some useful skills, develop confidence and competence in a variety of areas, and generally bring out the Uber-Chick in us all!

If you are interested in joining us in our mission to tackle 12 badges in 12 months, register for a subscriber account and then contact PWW troop leader Maggie with the following information:

– Your name

– Email address

– Web site/blog URL (if you have one)

– A brief introduction

– A short blurb about why you’re ready to stop dreaming and start DOING!

Your account type will be changed to Author, giving you the ability to start posting, within 48 hours.